RapidSpeaker Auding

Instant foreign language practice App

iOS, Android, Web

Instant language practice

with natives

From any place, any moment, any device.

How RapidSpeaker Auding App works:

Advantages of RapidSpeaker Auding

Instant practice

of any foreign language

The Auding platform is a pay-by-minute service for instant practice of any foreign language, from any place, at any moment, from any device.

Connecting language students with natives speakers

RS Auding connecting language students with natives, in order to practice their language skills and allows natives to play the role of experienced language practice partner.

Earn money by speaking

your native language

Earn money without any special knowledge, except for speaking your native language. Us it to practice language you need or withdraw it as

your extra income.

Co-Founder of RapidSpeaker learned 12 languages

This result became possible because of constant practice with natives speakers

What is so good about RapidSpeaker Auding:


An opportunity for any person, learning or practicing any foreign language, to learn and practice with most effective and convenient technology on the market. Along with that opportunity for any natively speaking person to earn money by putting his native language skills into use.

Accessibility for all age groups

Junior, middle and senior age accessibility. Convenience and easy to access - Instant access to all functional from smartphone, tablet or PC.

Technology based

Offered solution on edge between innovative and scientifically proven learning techniques for rapid memorizing, ease and convenience of modern mobile world along with ability to instant access to real life practice in person to person mode at any time and any place.


User friendly and intuitive interface. Efficiency - Application of rapid memorizing techniques called eidetic which work with the right ("the creative") brain hemisphere and allow to remember significant amount of information.

Cost effective and time saving

Allow users to earn money without any specific knowledge. Time saving - No need to wait. Practicing and learning at anytime and anyplace as needed.

Compatibility and individual approach

Compatibility - Ability to use on any level of language knowledge as well as compatibility with any learning tool and method. Individual approach - Ability to find a suitable for you one or more language partners 100% interactive.

It is time to speak, now !

You will get access for first practice for free.

Application install and setup takes only 1-2 minutes.

Knowing foreign language - timeless !

Co-founders of RapidSpeaker Auding

Tariffs and earnings 

For students:

Choose your practice partner tariff. You in control !

On average it is around 0.2$ per minute. Use AUCTION mode to find even better deals

For partners:

Set your tariff (cost per minute) and get 40% of your earnings

You can transfer any sum to your student account based on your needs, or just withdraw your money.

Want to try

But still have doubts ?


Tel.: +372 712 1518

Tallinn, Oismae 37-54, 13514, Estonia